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Interested in Volunteering?

[/stm_cta][vc_message skin=”style_2″ icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-pencil”]Tipperary Volunteer Centre will only use your details to contact you about potential volunteer opportunities, events or information pertaining to the Community and Voluntary sector that may be of interest to you. You have the right to have your details removed from our database at any time in the future.[/vc_message][vc_text_separator title=”Why Should I Volunteer?” title_size=”24″][vc_column_text]You’ve just click at link and found yourself on this page. You are probably asking yourself why should I volunteer? What’s in it for me?. The question you should be asking though is why shouldn’t I volunteer.

Volunteering has many benefits all of which are well documents including those from this Mayo Clinic Article – The 6 Health Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering though is not just the act of selflessly giving your time for the benefit of others. It’s an experience. An opportunity to engage and be engaged by your local community. The chance to witness first hand the difference ordinary people are making and their collective ability to make the extraordinary happen.

Volunteering is not about sacrifice its about an exchange. You get back more than you give.

If you are interested in volunteering in Tipperary the first step in the process is to register your contact information and interests commitment free with Tipperary Volunteer Centre.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][stm_cta button_size=”btn_lg” button_icon_pos=”” css=”.vc_custom_1583157876933{background-image: url( !important;}” link=”|title:REGISTER%20HERE|target:%20_blank|”]

Interested in Volunteering?