Committee Members Sought – Roscrea

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Roscrea Heritage Society is a group made up of people from the community who are interested in promoting and preserving our town’s natural and man-made heritage. We are always looking for new members to share the workload and their views on different ways to promote our heritage town.

The society meets once every six weeks or so with meetings becoming more frequent on the lead up to heritage week events. National Heritage week takes place in August every year and we use this as a platform to really showcase the heritage sites in and around Roscrea.

Planning for these week-long events normally begins in April/ May. We are now going into our 4th year organising events, many of which have become very popular such as trips to Fancroft Mill & Gardens, Rambling House and Roscrea walking tours to name a few.

Volunteers are encouraged to attend and help out with the general running of events. It is hoped that as we build on volunteers we will be in a position to organise many other events throughout the year.

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Feel free to contact Sara if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.

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Are you interested in this role but not yet registered with the Centre that’s not a problem just register below?

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