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Animal Fostering

Animal Fostering (Short term)


About this role.

We have an opportunity for animal lovers to help us care for our animal friends. Volunteers are required to care for rescued animals until they are adopted. Shelter environments can be stressful for some animals. It is much more comfortable for them to stay in a home environment.

What this role involves?

The volunteer would be expected to foster the rescued pets on a short-term basis, until they are placed in their forever home. Fosterers should have home insurance. All food is supplied and all veterinary bills are covered by Roscrea SPCA.

Why you should consider this role.

Animals in your care can go on to loving homes and animal shelters have more space and resources to help even more animals in need.

About the organisation.

The Society’s policy is to prevent cruelty to animals, to promote animal welfare and to relieve the suffering of all animals.

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