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Donation Sorting Volunteer

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Nenagh

About this role.

You may not be aware but the St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP) has a large sorting facility for donations in Nenagh. Due to a large intake of stock they are now seeking volunteers to join their existing volunteer team.

What this role involves?

If you volunteer in this role you will work with the existing volunteer team to sort through and categorise donated clothes and bric-a-brack. You will also prepare the sorted item for transport for sale through the network of SVDP charity shops.

Why you should consider this role.

This is a great opportunity to volunteer with a national charity. While the tasks involve sorting donations it is really about giving your time to assist the most needy in our communities as the sorted items are sold to fund SVDP initiatives locally.

About the organisation.

St Vincent de Paul adopts a practical approach to dealing with poverty, alleviating its effects on individuals and families through working primarily in person-to-person contact by a unique system of family visitation and seeking to achieve social justice and equality of opportunity for all citizens.

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