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Restorative Justice Volunteer

Restorative Justice in the Community

About this role.

If you are a person with good listening skills and are non judgemental this is the role for you. Full training will be provided for all volunteers. In addition to this it is vital that volunteers understand that all matters discussed at meetings are confidential and cannot be discussed with those outside of the project.

What this role involves?

Two volunteers attend each Reparation Panel Meeting which leads to the agreement of a Contract of Reparation. Volunteers come from all walks of life. One thing they all have in common is their community spirit and their desire to do good in their community.

Why you should consider this role.

RJC seeks to make a positive impact on the communities that it serves. If you are a person who is committed to their community then you could work with them to provide this valuable service in your area. RJC has been very successful since its inception. Of those referred to the project, 75-80% did not re-offend or come before the District Court again.

About the organisation.

Restorative Justice encourages the victims of crime and the community to directly engage in resolving conflict through a process of victim-offender mediation, community engagement and reparation. Reparation is key to what RJC do. The concept of Reparation encourages the repair of the wrong done to the community and encourages the offender to make amends for the harm done to the victim of the crime and to their community.

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