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Everyone has access to volunteering opportunities that are fulfilling, engaging and which contribute to the betterment of the community with volunteers being respected for the individual contributions they make.

To promote volunteerism in Tipperary by supporting both volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations and by operating a quality placement and training service for organisations while providing information on a range of volunteer opportunities to all our registered volunteers.

In carrying out its work the Tipperary Volunteer Centre will respect volunteers and voluntary organisations and will promote good practice and equal opportunities for all involved or wishing to be involved in volunteering. In carrying out its work the Centre will demonstrate courtesy, responsiveness, efficiency, inclusiveness and good governance.

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Increase access to volunteering by offering a support service to the Public & Volunteer Involving Organisations.

Increase Quality in Volunteering.

Increase Awareness of Volunteering by Marketing and Promoting Volunteering.

Ensure the Organisation is Sustainable through Good Governance and Management.

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