Karen Daly


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To Say Volunteering Has Changed My Life Is An Understatement.

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“Hi, my name is Karen. I am a volunteer and a wheelchair user. I volunteer two mornings a week at my local
volunteer centre and though they are on the first floor, Luckily, there is a lift.

I enjoy the warm friendly atmosphere and look forward to meeting my colleagues every week. As a person I have come out of my shell a lot since I started volunteering and I communicate better with people. I also enjoy the social
aspect. Volunteering gives me something to look forward to on a weekly basis.

It’s always been my wish to work in an office and I feel my dream has come through. As well as volunteering at the volunteer centre I regularly help out with bag packs and Bucket collections.

To say Volunteering has enhanced my life is an understatement.

“I love Volunteering.”

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Karen Volunteers with Tipperary Volunteer Centre