Laura Donnelly


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I would highly recommend volunteering as it has completely changed my life.

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I had been out of the work force for many years and as a result decided to attend the Jobs Club in Thurles. This is where I met Tina from the Tipperary Volunteer Centre. She came to give us a talk on Volunteering and here began my volunteer journey.

Hi, my name is Laura Donnelly and as a result of Tina’s talk I started volunteering with the NCBI shop in Thurles in February 2018.

Though very nervous in the beginning, I soon settled into my volunteer role. I went from not even having a CV to meeting people  and gaining retail experience. Which in turn gave me something to talk about, both to my children and in interviews.

This renewed confidence helped me to build up a large network of new friends and this in turn re-ignited my social life.

The manager’s job came up whilst I was volunteering in the shop and people encouraged me to apply. With the new-found confidence I had gained through volunteering I did. Having been successful at interview I started my new job as Manager in November 2018.

I would highly recommend volunteering as it has completely changed my life.

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From Jobs Club to Shop Manager through Volunteering.