Why Can’t You Volunteer


Why Can’t You Volunteer

Are you like many of us struggling to stay positive?

Have recent events knocked your confidence? If they have why not come along to our free workshop on 21st October at 12pm.

Whatever your life circumstances, this interactive and practical workshop is designed to give you a boost so you can regain your confidence and focus on a positive perspective in life. It is designed to build your confidence and help you present yourself in a manner which will enable you develop a positive mental attitude about yourself.

We hope by investing 2 hours in yourself you will get the motivation to take a step in the right direction to unlock your potential by reigniting your inner confidence.

This workshop is aimed at volunteers of all ages who want to start or return to volunteering. It is suitable for anyone that wishes to increase their self-awareness with the aim of achieving a more fulfilling and happier life.

About the Facilitator

Maria delivers a range of coaching and confidence building programmes to individuals and organisations. Her down-to-earth training style helps to create a dynamic, interactive and engaging learning environment. Maria’s life and work have been featured across a range of media, both in Ireland and Abroad, including RTE Television, Marie Claire Magazine and The Irish Independent.