Digital Accessibility Matters


Our website is WGAC & ADA compliant.

Central Statistic Office data shows that approximately 1 in 7 people self-reported as having a disability during the census . For county Tipperary that equates to approximately twelve thousand people. We need to ensure our website caters to this large cohort needs. Digital Accessibility standards matter to us.

The National Volunteering Strategy also contains line items on increasing diversity and access to services for those from marginalised communities, ethnic minorities and with disabilities.

Acknowledging this and the fact that we now rely far more on digital, we made the decision to update our website. Then to benchmark it against best-in-class accessibility standards. It meant removing many of the bells and whistle features. Items like sliders and slideshows, but we were left with what we needed. Information that is accessible to all and a website that allows users to tailor their browsing experience to their individual needs.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Just check our website score on AccessibilityChecker. While there why not check out your own.

To access the accessibility tools just click on the blue person icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. From there you have the option to select an Accessibility profile. The profile is a grouping of individual settings categorised by impairment type. Or you can select your tools individually as required.

Digital Accessibility – Our content has also been updated.

Another addition is the introduction of our “Featured Opportunities” section. Here you will find some basic information on featured opportunities that screen readers can easily read. A few short lines about the role, what it involves, why you should consider it and a little piece about the organisation.

Our homepage will also feature the three most recent featured opportunities and five latest news stories. The most recently published article is prominently displayed below the main header.

It’s just a start on our Digital Accessibility Plan.

We are also in the process of adding multiple language subtitles to our library of YouTube videos. Many of them currently have subtitles in Czech, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Ukrainian. So it’s just a start and hopefully very shortly when we finish what we have in the pipeline, we will have a genuinely inclusive website to compliment the inclusive services and support we offer face to face.